Pages from my Grey cat & Red Rose Journal (12) Ivy turns into Green Psychic!

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal  (13)

Ivy uses her tarot cards and ESP to read your Green Future!

When the grey cat Ivy came to share one drab, morose and grimy year of loss and mistakes with me, we fed ourselves some rose rabadi every single day to cheer ourselves up.

We somehow got interested in the wide and wondrous, worrisome field of Animal Communicators, Animal Whisperers and Pet Psychics, to discover whether they were reliable, helpful or just quacks? Too many investigated stories by skeptics, had made us wary and even disappointed us.

Then we heard about  Anna Breytenbach, the Interspecies Communicator who spoke to Diabolo, the disturbed and abused black leopard and changed his life for the better! This story dazzled the world and brought hope to all of us who care for animals. This did not sound like quackery. 

It just shone with hope that the brutalized , frightened and angry leopard responded to Anna and shared his heart with her. She changed his name to Spirit and got rid of the earlier unhappy name. He also worried about two small cubs which had been with him and was reassured that they were fine.

So perhaps this could be a silver lining in the field of animal communication? Unfortunately it is so huge and crowded that it is hard to spot the fakes, the bad psychics and the quacks!

But this story cheered up Ivy enough to pose as a resident Green Psychic who used her ESP, garden angels and tarot cards to read your Green Future!

  1. Mulches can prevent up to 75 per cent water loss from evaporation and run-off from garden beds.
  2. Sugar cane mulch is good to use around roses and vegetables!
  3. We all will live longer if the world turns vegetarian!


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