Pages from the Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (12) The Kitty and the Pet Psychic!

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (12)

It was that maddening morose year of my life when everything seemed stuck inside a sewer of stupidity, sullen weather and futility. Then Ivy, a small grey cat invited herself into my home with the help of two kind little girls who had found her wandering alone on the roads and rescued her.

The charcoal kitty entangled me inside the web of a regular silent siesta that seemed to work wonders for my health! And one day we read about this very hilarious test done by the Skeptical Enquirer against a Pet Psychic! It was “The Ballad of Jed (and the Pet Psychic)!

Karen Stollznow, author and skeptical investigator , wanted to test a pet psychic. But she did not own a pet! So she borrowed her neighbour’s chubby and healthy Tom cat named Jed! She had been stunned by the massive sea of animal communicators, animal whisperers, psychics, mediums, Feng Shui and clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathics etc. crowding the San Francisco area! They charged anywhere between 40 dollars to 400 dollars for their startling and mystifying services. They even spoke to deceased pets.

One named Reverend Ann Savino came to talk to Jed charging 80 dollars for the visit!

She sat down, closed her eyes, hands outstretched and was still for 5 minutes. Then she asked Karen what questions she had. From then on, everything went wrong! First of all Jed did not show any signs of being talked to as he fell into a deep sleep! 

Karen wanted to know about Jed’s past. The answer from Ann did not match what Jed’s owners had told! Then she got Jed’s age wrong! She said he was a year old while his owners said he was three!

Then after a lot of fishing and asking, Ann made some general statements about Jed which were also totally wrong! She told Karen that he had been shifted around from one home to another and had a lot of sadness in his life and was also having some problem in his body.

But Jed had come as a baby to his home and never had any sad moves. Nor did he have any sickness. He was just a naughty, always hungry, cheeky Tom Cat!

Hilariously, the pet psychic did not even guess that Jed did not belong to Karen! She said many cute things about how Jed loved his Mom (Karen) and other trite and dumb things! Karen’s piece tells us again that all psychics are liars and rob us of our money.

But Pet Psychics are even worse, because   pets cannot tell us what the charlatans are up to! Jed of course napped most of the time and was glad to go home to his real family!

Ivy too seemed totally put off by this fake pet psychic and decided to become a Green Fingered Psychic! Here are some tips we dug out on that glum day which turned into delight after one more bad psychic had been found out!

Home made spray for aphids from the Reader’s Digest:

Take a detergent and a yellow container. Fill a shiny yellow container with water, then add 1 tbsp of colourless detergent. Place the container near the affected plants. 

The yellow container will attract aphids and they will drown in the water!


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