Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (11) Talkative animal communicators leave pets unimpressed!

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (11)

Ivy tries her hand at being a Psychic!

In that year of living inside a well of woes and worries, Ivy the grey cat who wandered into my house, and me cooked up some more rose rabadi – the dessert we make out of roses and full fat milk, almonds too, or just discover the small, sweet pancakes from the kitchen of peace, lying somewhere under all that rubble and rust.

It was that time when we found out that Hotstar was a better choice than Amazon Prime which we hardly watched at all. Hotstar treated us to the amazing WestWorld, so mystical and mysterious. Wrapped stunningly around that enthralling score by that magician Ramin Djawadi. The music alone was enough to make a large bowl of Rose Rabadi. 

Then we dived into yet another dismal true tale about  animal communicators provided by Kevin, one of the two co-founders of Pawrus Singapore who is a certified dog trainer. A massive and unrelenting search by him online, about the real credentials of animal communicators, did not yield him anything to believe all their claims. They say they can speak to animals, dead or alive,  find out their ailments and even heal them!

The massive, worldwide  unregulated, unsupervised sea of animal communicators and pet psychics bombard the vulnerable world of pet owners by claiming to use Reiki, telepathy, flower medicines, tarot, auras, signs, and many more magical remedies, but the ultimate result for Kevin was that he was not impressed!

And in one study where the owners of the pet had given their opinion on the skills of the animal communicator was dismal! Almost every answer to their query was wrong! They got the age, the condition, the problem and the very nature of the pet wrong!

Here was one more myth exploded about animal whisperers!

When I asked Ivy what she thought about these extraordinary animal quackers, she decided to have another badly needed nap and I was left to comfort myself with a sea of roses – silent, with no Reiki, tarot, auras or signs, but very healing indeed.


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