Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (11) Ivy and the beer drinking dog & Singapore’s animal communicator!

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (11)

In that year of gathering up the small and easily available tidbits of life, with the help of Ivy, the grey cat who had arrived mysteriously from the streets, we came upon this story about a writer who had used the services of an animal whisperer from Singapore. This ‘expert’ was in great demand and praised highly on Face Book.

Jeremy Sim had lost his beloved rescue dog Shandy some years ago. He was told by the Animal Whisperer that he could ask 15 questions to Shandy who was now in that well known Rainbow Bridge that all pet psychics, animal communcators etc. talk about so tenderly! But the price for talking to Shandy would be 150 dollars!

Feeling quite impoverished after paying up this hefty sum, Jeremy sent his questions to the animal whisperer who then sent replies from the dead Shandy who was apparently having beer in the Rainbow Bridge!

One question Jeremy had asked Shandy was “Did you love me or my sister more? “ Shandy replied that he had loved the sister more as she was more loving than him and stroked him very tenderly. But Jeremy does not have a sister!

Another question to Shandy was “ were you satisfied that we gave you the same old dry food everyday?” while in reality he got cooked chicken/pork daily. The beer drinking Shandy told Jeremy that he had chicken and pork daily now! But he complained that he never liked it that his fur was left wet after a bath. In reality, he was always given a towel down followed by a very brisk blow dry!

Shandy was asked whether he  had minded not being given a mate though he was unsterilized? In reality he had been sterilized! Shandy did not reply to this question!

Shandy was also asked whether he had minded that Jeremy had liked Lucky more than him? Shandy replied that he did not mind at all as he was old and it was okay to love Lucky more! In truth, there was no Lucky at all!

Finally Jeremy had sent this message to Shandy through the post office that works for the Rainbow Bridge! What was his favourite toy? Shandy replied that it was a rubber ball. But he had never liked rubber balls! He also replied to another question saying that he liked short ten minute walks. In real life, he used to enjoy vigorous one hour long walks!

We wondered whether drinking all that beer on the Rainbow Bridge had turned Shandy into a different doggie or one so drunk he got all his answers wrong?!!!

Ivy began to sleep halfway through this mystifying, exciting story about the rainbow bridge and all that information sliding out of the heavenly aura from Singapore’s most valued animal communicator which was not at all nice!

Luckily red roses saved the day with their scented sweetness and silence as against all those lies given at a whopping price of 150 dollars!


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