Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (11) Pet Psychic who lied about Michael Jackson’s Chimp Bubbles!

Ivy naps through bad news about Vampire Pet Psychics

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (11)

The Animal Psychic who was caught lying!

It was that pretty uphill road towards normalcy in that year of my falling apart when Ivy wandered into my home. This small cat whose fur was the safe and sound color of a church wall  seemed to leach out the small worms of worry that clogged my heart. She arranged her serenity around dread like a prayer. But then all cats can do that, as we all know.

The big and important events of my life had crashed – my career was a dead rat on the road, that the trash van had forgotten to pick up. But Ivy with her eerie habit of cooking up that Rose Rabadi, something small but sweet, to snack on, kept me going.

One day we came upon this true story about an Animal Whisperer, or a Pet Psychic  who had been caught lying on television by a smart reporter! Her name is Karen Anderson. 

The show was hilarious and revealing! It first started off with a lot of  safe and fairly usual questions from pet lovers. One man asked Karen Anderson whether his cat was upset with him for getting her put down, while another asked if the animals that he had shot down, were mad at him! Her answer to this question was somewhat weird. She assured him that since he had prayed before killing them, it was kind of okay! Would the animals have agreed with this answer? Alas we cannot ask them nor can they reply to us lesser mortals who cannot ‘whisper’ to animals!

Then came the big question! One of the watchers asked her if she had spoken to Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles in the afterlife after the singer died. She chirpily replied that she had spoken to Bubbles who was being looked after very well in his new life in heaven! The only problem as the television channel informed her was, that Bubbles was still living and was very much on earth, with the rest of us!

Karen Anderson then blubbered that perhaps she had spoken to another one of Michael’s chimps! The channel presenter then gleefully announced that Karen Anderson had been caught lying!

Ivy by now had switched off and I could not blame her! How can human beings make millions of dollars, pounds and rupees using animals to do their dirty tricks and fatten their bank accounts?

So when Ivy woke up we looked around for some less sickening news! We had enough of Grief Vampires!

We found out from the Reader’s Digest: this nice little home made meal to increase the fibre in your cat’s meal! 

2 cups brown rice

I kg. lean beef, minced

1 tsp salt

2 tsp. wheat germ

Cook rice and keep aside.

Cook remaining ingredients in a non-stick pan

With a little water for 15 minutes.

Mix meat mixture with cooked rice.

Divide the mixture into daily serve-size portions

And freeze until you need it.

Then the roses refreshed the rest of the day.

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