Levi’s cons buyer by charging VAT on discounted price for T-shirt: told to pay him Rs. 15,000

I prefer to buy second hand books!

Paramjit Singh Walia had bought a T-shirt from Levi’s Retail Square Shop in Patiala which was offering a whopping 40 per cent discount on the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) on its products there. 

Under the discounted rate the T-shirt cost came to Rs. 978. But Levi’s added another Rs. 59 as VAT which increased the price to Rs. 1038. Paramjit complained about this extra amount charged since amounted to unfair trade practice. When Levi’s did not respond to his complaint he went to the consumer forum.

better to nap than to shop!

The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Punjab found Levi’s guilty of carrying on unfair trade practice and deficient service. Its invoice for the T-shirt was misleading and Levi’s had charged the buyer VAT on a discounted price which was against the law.

Levi’s did not appear in court which ordered this firm to return the extra VAT of Rs. 59 charged, to the consumer along with Rs. 8000 as compensation for unfair trade practice and another Rs. 7000 as court costs! The court also ruled that Levi’s had been cheating all consumers with this wrong practice.


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