Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (10) Ivy saves me 300 dollars that I might have paid to Sonia Fitzpatrick!

Ivy decides to become a Psychic Detective when she is not busy sleeping

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (10)

Ivy becomes my best Cat Psychic!

Several months later Ivy gave me a shock one day by telling me that I did not need to hire the services of those very expensive foreign animal psychics or mediums to answer my worried question “Has Kittles come back as Ivy to haunt my house from the Rainbow Bridge!!!” How fond are the psychics of this word – Rainbow Bridge! It makes me cringe!

Well Ivy began to answer my question for me by saying No, she was not Kittles! I heard this answer through a very simple new surprise. Kittles had never meowed to me for almost the whole of her life. But Ivy began to warble! She began to ask for her food firmly and fiercely! If I was a little tardy about feeding her she came to give me a little nip on my toes with her paw and then she added a tinkle to her normal regular meow!

It was the most amazing kind of personal, new, very distinctive voice of her own! It clearly told me “I am not Kittles my human! And you better start feeding me as soon as I holler for food!”

And if I scolded her for dropping a bunch of books or kicking the chair away, or sitting on top of the red geraniums or the pink fittonia she would answer back cheekily. It was as near as a postcard from cat heaven sending a sharp and clear message of laughter from my begonia-grey cat!

As this vital question was answered  my small grey cat had saved me 300 dollars by not consulting Sonia Fitzpatrick and another 700 dollars by not consulting Brent Atwater, or that truly horrifying Sylvia Browne (luckily dead) who had become famous as the Vampire Psychic !She had lied to grieving families telling them that their lost children were dead, when they had been alive! She had lied her way through her entire horrifying career as a psychic.  The world welcomed her death because of her toxic cruel pitiless lies.

Instead of wailing to the psychics Ivy and I did some more work and got out handy tips for green gardeners!

Rose Trinkets: Washing spinach, coriander and other greens provides us with lots of water to use in the garden. Save it to water the plants and compost the remnants.

Save on potting soil by putting discarded cuttings, dry leaves and vegetable peels at the bottom of a pot. This will preserve the soil from washing out of the drain holes and will also turn into fresh new soil.

In ancient times people threw rose petals into bath water to cure rheumatic pains.

For pain, soak a sponge in ginger tea and apply to the painful area directly.

To banish fleas from your cat or dog, put a very tiny dot of fresh garlic into their meal. An actress named June Lockhart was deeply distressed with the problem of her dog’s perennial flea problem.

She was told to mix garlic extract with his food. The fleas vanished and when she became a spokesperson for International Hearing Dog, Inc. she arranged for the garlic extract to be sent out with every newly trained dog.

Brewer’s yeast also is a must for every cat and dog. It should be mixed with their meals.

You can boost your cat’s immune system by treating it to snacks like yogurt, vegetables, cheese, eggs, cantaloupe and sprinkle a little garlic powder over them.

Red Roses poured their syrup of sensible sleeping over this tiresome year.


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