Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (9) Grey Cats are like a library inside us….

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (8) 

Ivy & Grey Cats that are like the book shelf inside our sensible zone

It was that rude and rank year of my career when Ivy appeared. She reminded me of Kittles charcoal grey and also the other grey cats that I had known. On the terrace of a friend’s house where he had a 100 and more cats, I met many grey beauties and feel that they are like the book shelf living inside your sensible zone waiting to remind us to have a quiet read of our self, on clueless days. 

It is the collection of lesser known writers that we really should treat ourselves to when all else seems tawdry.

On the terrace was an adorable imperious gray cat who was always pregnant or nursing a large batch of kittens because my friend did not believe in getting cats spayed. We had named her Mommy Cat because she was often taking in orphan kittens to foster along with her own always new born litter!

I worried and wished she could be spayed but my friend believed wrongly, that it was not good for them. It was his religious belief I think. However, she did live to  a ripe old age despite not being spayed so we could not argue with him. She was such a fussy, obsessive mother cat that even the orphans she fed, were guarded by her ferociously! 

She always made me feel that grey cats are like small gardens that grow their own flowers needing no help from anyone! Or like a cake that bakes itself without even needing baking soda! Whenever I saw her feeding and pampering her own kittens and new orphans she managed to make me spit out the small, shabby, serpentine senior men shambling through the corridors of my work place! It was truly spiritual!

Mommy Cat on my friend’s terrace

Ivy too kept reminding me to find out tidbits of calm from wherever they were hiding. Her very own Rose Rabadi. Once she sat on a book for a very long snooze. When she got up I found a page with some nice tips about the nasturtium. The flowers, leaves and seedpods all contain large amounts of vitamin C and sulphur! This makes it a good medicine for treating skin infections.

Make an infusion to soothe skin troubled with pimples.

Rosewater can make  a good mouth wash and also clears and softens skin.

Red Roses never forgot to surround the days with their gentle commentary of calm!


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