Pages from my grey cat & red rose Journal (8) Ivy’s isolation instructions

Ivy’s terrace incarceration lessons

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (7)

Ivy & how to make a home made bird bath!

Ivy my grey cat taught me one very important life lesson as she endured her isolation in the terrace outside the house when her mange was being cured. She just sat still there and learnt to enjoy her silence making me realize that sometimes it is okay to be alone and it could also be a blessing. Her fur grew back thick and soft and curly too.

One day she slept on a book about green living tips from the Reader’s Digest. When she woke up I opened it and we dug out these very useful ideas.

How to make your own bird bath!

  1. It is easy to make your very own bird bath says the Reader’s Digest. Place a layer of rinsed river pebbles in a shallow dish and add clean water to a depth of about 30 mm. Then hang the dish from a branch or place it on a pedestal. But make sure it is not easy for cats to get at it. 
  2. You can share the fruit from your trees with birds. 
  3. Don’t be afraid of skinks and lizards and don’t let your cats and dogs hurt them because they help to keep snails and grasshoppers away from your garden!
  4. Lizards will love to sit on flat rocks and have hollow logs, pipes and low shrubs in which they can hide from predators. 
  5. Don’t use snail bait – lizards will eat the poisoned snails and die. 

The book also said not to encourage the water hyacinth. It is the world’s worst aquatic weed and can double in size in a few weeks. It looks pretty but should be kept in check.

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