Hi darling! I am the Psychic Kitty! Want to try out my Online Reading?

I will let you in on a heavenly secret!

I am a psychic Kitty! If you want to

Find out the secret of what your cat

Loves most in the world, I can tell you

Through my intuition, insight and my

Sixth sense and my crystal bowl, plus

My tarot card and my PSI and ESP

And numerology and clairvoyance!

And even my very own Ouija board!

This treat spoke to me in the dark

my magic mirror!

Using its six letter word and after you

Pay me with your credit card or even

A paper packet, you shall know it!

It reveals itself to me through pics

 through your cat’s weird tricks &

a crazy silly mad dance she does!

Are you paying me now? Shall I

Book you in for this online reading?

I am not able to put a like note under any of the blogs I am now following. I just get the blog without those markings below to say 'like' what is happening? Please help

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