I am a Psychic and my reading says today you will die laughing with John Oliver & his personal Mediums!

If you want to die laughing once more, watch HBO’s John Oliver give you some very secret, ancient and exotic tips about Psychics that you simply cannot miss! 

When I returned to HBO after too many months, the first thing I watched was John Oliver’s hilarious show this year about Psychics and their unbelievable tricks of creepy crawly sorcery, deception, idiotic dramas and ruthless greed as they gobble up the dollars, pounds and rupees from gullible vulnerable, often sad and hopeful victims.

With his unique and pitiless humor and wit, he downloaded for us some of the world’s nastiest, meanest skunks calling themselves Psychics, Mediums, holistic healers, intuitive soul healers, medical intuitive (whatever that means) and other such names.

Besides showcasing many who have been caught by the law and ordered to repay massive amounts of money to their victims, there is one absolutely shocking case where  a Medium’s reading about a dead boy fell upon her head like a massive stone from the afterlife! Rather from her own created after life!

This psychic had done a reading for the grieving parents of a missing boy, telling them sadly that she had divined through her special powers that he had died and gone over to that ridiculous rainbow bridge! This is a favourite word used by all psychics and mediums.

To her immense dismay some  smart detectives landed up and gave her a shock outside a Denny’s restaurant when they introduced her to the very boy she had proclaimed (through her Tarot Cards or her Crystal Bowl, to be dead!) The look on his face and the look on hers were priceless!

With startling true stories and just plain and simple good sense, Oliver revealed many a well known psychic’s box of weird, wily and wicked tricks to the delight of his audience. But the sad truth is that these canny charlatans shake out millions of dollars and pounds from the pockets and credit cards of  a very naive , gullible and alas idiotic public. 

this reading will cost you twenty packets of catnip and some toys!

But the even more sorry truth is that there are equally creepy, stupid or lazy and ruthless television and newspaper journalists who toady up to these shining and glittering garbage selling ‘angels’ from a tinny heaven! 

Who will save us from this purple and gold wearing crystal ball coated Zone of swindling scum bags?!

I am not paying money to any psychics! Unless she tells me that the vets are on a very long vacation!

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