Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (6) Is Ivy really Kittles come back to reclaim her water lettuce drinks? Don’t they have them in heaven? Must ask the animal psychics!

Ivy gardening to earn her keep?

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Roses Journal (6)

Ivy displays one more trait eerily taken from Kittles!

One day when the two small sweet girls who had found Ivy her new home, came to check on her kindly, she scuttled off to the terrace to sit on a pot pretending to be busy gardening for her keep!

Here was one more trait she was showing, that matched Kittles. Kittles always got a distinctly unhappy look whenever guests arrived! She too vanished like a ghost but not before giving me a glum stare which said “Why do you need them when you have me?”

So should I contact one of those cat whisperers to find out if Ivy was Kittles come back to reclaim her the water lettuce drink? Then again I had read too many episodes from The Skeptical Inquirer which described how animal psychics as well as others, use such wily, stupid and corny tricks to lure their grieving, vulnerable gullible customers! Even journalists write about these celebrities without even doing some background research on them.

The fees start from Rs. 3000 in India, and rise up to a whopping 700 dollars charged by Brent Atwater in the US. Sylvia Fitzpatrick charges 300 dollars an hour and three persons on You Tube who had spoken to her shelling out that huge amount, had received the exact same answers, tips and cute and buttery ‘darling’ messages!

While Brent Atwater annoys me on her television shows itself, with that cosy, cuddly, pushy, pampering, loud, bossy, cringe worthy performance, and dishes out the most ridiculous  trite, garbled messages supposedly coming from dead pets or dead persons, I discovered that far too many animal psychics perform the same gruesomely deceitful dramas! They open up their magic boxes crammed with signs from the dead – coins, rainbows, bird feathers, sudden appearances etc. and sundry prayers, incantations, flattering their quarry with urgent messages from that extremely maddening and annoying Rainbow Bridge where a massive, immense unlimited crowd awaits  them!

Brent Atwater’s garrulous ‘books’ about pets and the afterlife, which are shoddily and quickly written, with the same old trite, recycled, regurgitated nonsense, often not even edited, are expensive! She even badgers her fans not to borrow them but to buy them, not to trust free psychic readings as they might cause harm. This all sounds totally unnerving and unpleasant. Discerning readers in their reviews point these things out firmly! 

So instead of blundering into this very dodgy murky zone, I thanked heaven that till now Ivy had not copied Kittles by gifting me a fat dead blood soaked  rat for breakfast twice or thrice a week!  I told myself if she started doing that then I might have to put aside my skepticism and meekly consult one of those ‘gifted’ gooey, slushy, soppy psychics! 

Till that happened I decided to consult some Psychic free Roses to cast their solemn spells on me! And Ivy decided to flatten the begonia on the terrace….


2 thoughts on “Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (6) Is Ivy really Kittles come back to reclaim her water lettuce drinks? Don’t they have them in heaven? Must ask the animal psychics!

  1. Daksha, how are you? I am a friend of yours from your BVB Journalism class in the late 70s in Bengaluru. My name is R Chandrasekhar and I used to love reading your middles in Deccan Herald. I hope you are doing well. I am happy to know you are still writing in your unique style with the same sense of delicate feeling. If you get the time please write a line. or WhatsApp 9313701200. Would love to hear from you! In fact, I have something quite important to tell you!

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