Pages from my grey cat & red rose journal! (5) Ivy is not Psychic I think!

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (5)

I don’t think Ivy has psychic abilities! Or the jury is still out about that!

Ivy was settling down nicely inside my home and was also getting less hisses and mean glares and meows from my cats.

Just putting that Calendula lotion on her small wound, and making it heal brightened the days.

While she still ran off when the two eager little girls (who had rescued her from the streets, saved her from really vicious dogs, found her a home) came to meet her, she did change her napping places. She began to choose the exact book I was trying to read, and stretched herself out on it like a not very polite guest. Then she napped away her day there.

But this grey as a stone angel cat always made her personal kind of Rose Rabadi every day for me.

Rose Rabadi you might think is a sweet made of milk, sugar, ghee or oil and jaggery for better health, almonds, cashews, cardamom and lots of heart-lurching red, blush pink, orange and golden yellow roses! Which it is of course. 

But as relating to Ivy,  it is a cagey, enigmatic and somewhat surreal dessert of the soul! It has the power to wean you out of the black, desolate furnace inside you, (which often comes unbidden,) to sweeten your heart and strengthen your soul, till you begin to crawl slowly out of chaos!

I began to notice that Ivy, like the many grey cats I had met till now, have a certain something about them – a quieter self. Ivy and Kittles reminded me of a nice hot cup of tea on a cold rainy day.

Kittles however, had one startling habit. I would wake up twice a week with a large or small dead rat on my pillow, bed, or blanket, as a loving gift from Kittles! Luckily Ivy had not started this habit yet. I preferred her to snooze on my half read book, which was better than a smelly, squished, blood streaked rat.

This again took me towards that always suspect, always unnerving arena of those animal communicators now swarming the world, with their offers to talk to our pets, alive or dead, how to care for them, how to stop their bad habits, what to feed them etc. etc. 

I read up many reviews from people who had used their services on You Tube, at fairs, through phone communication etc. In the case of one of the most famous ones, I found out that three of them had got the exact same advice from her – the same words, the same Molly coddling, the exact same lines!

They also tell us how to talk to our pets ourselves so I tried asking Ivy if she was really Kittles come back? But alas Ivy was so fast asleep all through that day, that I could neither get an answer from her, nor could I read that book she was napping on!

So I decided to go to my rose sanctuary and soothed my soul around a cluster of scented roses!


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