Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (4) Ivy’s Inn & Rose Rabadi

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (5)

Ivy’s Inn  and Rose Rabadi

It was that stumbling unlucky year of nothing much happening in my life, when  a smokey grey cat fed me a dessert called Rose Rabadi!

Ivy, the new cat who had taken over some  home nursing for me and had also made the water lettuce pond as her small sanctuary, introduced me to Rose Rabadi. Put simply, rabadi is a sweet that Indians make out of ingredients easily available in the kitchen – fresh creamy milk, sugar (jaggery if you want to be health conscious), and all nuts. If you add roses to it then you can call it Rose Rabadi!

But the Rabadi Ivy was showing me was more about learning to sweeten each day with the small things tucked away in our lives, hiding behind books, the garden, the kitchen, even television!

That year we watched Suits, a deliciously addictive television series about very smart and very funny lawyers! It kept me totally hooked for many days and I forgot the thorns and thuds of work related messes as I just waited to watch Suits. Then Veep attacked me with its mountain of delirious comedy (perhaps the funniest ever series on HBO) and I laughed instead of growling about what was out of my hands to fix.

Ivy meanwhile began to enjoy sitting on books especially the ones I was reading, and I found it very difficult to dislodge her from them! She taught me to have longer naps too, not as long as hers, but quite refreshing ones! Perhaps a cat may be the only creature in this world to be able to convince us that sleep is the only thing that should matter in our day! Cats gobble up guilt over napping like the Angels of the Snoring Season!

So Ivy’s Rose Rabadi was the one or more small treats she fed me from her small, grateful self, every single day…

Red Roses and their community filled up this odd, out of the way, Ivy’s Inn,  with feline felicity and rosy radiance…


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