Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (3) Animal Communicators or not?

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Roses journal  (3)

Are Animal Communicators reliable?

A few days later I was again beginning to fall into my well of ancient woes. I worried about that big creep,  those weird ghouls, and all the fearsome and foul skeletons rattling in my closet for years, when the two kind little girls came again to visit the grey cat. She promptly did the Kittles act of vanishing!  It had to be Kittles!

The girls told me how they had seen the small cat for many days wandering alone on the roads, trying to sneak into houses to steal milk or whatever she could get to survive. I was not proud of scratching away at old sores again after hearing about this solitary little cat trying to survive in the gloom. So I stopped my inner whining. But the minute her little angels left, the grey cat returned! 

I checked on her wound and was surprised to find that the Calendula had already begun to heal it!

A month later my orange cat Tiger, who was the daughter Kittles had left behind, when she died,  fell  ill. The vet was worried and she had to be watched all day and night as she was very weak. The other cats vanished but as I sat by Tiger, the new grey cat came and sat with me like a nurse. She would not budge from our side and again I had to wonder – was she Kittles come back to watch over her baby? It was almost surreal to note as she stuck to me and gave me company like a diligent nurse!

I almost thought of ringing up one of those animal communicators who have sprung up so thickly in India! Going through  reviews and reports they sounded like they really knew their stuff.  One of the most lauded ones had this to say about  stray dogs that surprised me: she said these stray dogs had explained to her that they barked furiously at street children because they collected roadside trash to sell which did not belong to them! 

This I found was weird – trash is rightfully theirs or anybody’s to take, once it is thrown out. 

The poor children make a small business out of selling it as scrap to earn money for their families.  I thought the street dogs should be barking furiously at Vijay Mallya and gang, those rich rodents who rip off India’s banks! And haven’t these dogs heard of Nirav Modi,  wanted by Interpol for cheating, embezzlement, fraud and worst  of all  wearing that 9 lakh jacket made of ostrich feathers?

This put me off the animal communicator’s weird explanation about barking dogs so I decided to think before trying out this help  to solve the mystery of my small grey kitten! 

Instead I  gratefully soaked up the help from this ash grey, silver stained furry free  nurse! I would name her tonight I decided.

In the evening as she sat by Tiger I treated myself to yet another spell of red roses which like always,  healed my sores with a magnificent spell of silence! Now it was time to name my cat. 


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