Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (2) Had Kittles returned?

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal

The next day the two little girls came to meet their rescued cat. I was dismayed when she ran off to hide behind a large green fern that grew alongside a tiny square water pond filled with water lettuce.

I had made it to grow water lilies which never thrived there so had to be filled up with water lettuce. They began  to grow quickly inside it. The water lettuce pond was a top favourite of my first grey cat Kittles. 

I had discovered her one night when I had come down to drink water. I kept a large round red stone pot near the kitchen holding water lettuce. I would find the water had drained away every single morning and wondered why the lettuce were so thirsty. 

Then one night I had discovered a grey cat drinking up the water from that pot. She would sneak into the house from the terrace door which was kept open all those years ago. She lured me into the world of cats and after many months, while I learnt all about cats and how to care for them, finally decided to stay with me. I named her Kittles. She was the quietest cat I had ever met. She never meowed all the time she was with me. It was only after she had a kitten that she learned to meow seemingly from her, to ask for food or to complain when guests arrived. Kittles hated guests. She always vanished to hide behind the fern and meditate over the water lettuce till they left.

Now this small grey cat was doing the same and I wondered if she was by any chance Kittles returning to me? Then I told myself not to be silly. Not to turn into one of those women who visit astrologers, call up pet psychics and read their horoscopes and get a little batty.


But this new cat had also shown that she did not like guests though they were her saviours! I stared at her again, deeply and she blinked! Grey cats have a very personal kind of serenity. All their very own. 

So when I visited the roses, the red ones matched the dark grey fur of the wounded cat in some way and turned the dreary day into a small grey and red sanctuary into which hope stepped in wearing tiny slippers.


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