Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal

(1)  A grey cat in the gloom

That  year in my life had come suddenly upon me: so empty, washed out and dried up that it ached for something to fill in the gaps! 

So inside this chasm of waste,  a small grey cat wandered in to share the rubble with me! Then red roses began to bloom around this bruised garden gleefully planted by gloom.

 Everything had more or less fallen apart then – work was bitter, boring and  spitting  out small surly wounds. 

 I had fallen inside this well, where I was renting a ratty, tatty room from the most unsettling landlady:  silence! 

 One day two little girls came to my garden gate carrying a small grey cat they had picked up from a drain. They beseeching me to take her in.  She had a wound on her left side and was alone. They worried that the stray dogs in our colony would  grab her. Their mothers had threatened to throw the cat out if they dared bring her in to dirty their flats. So they brought her to me, since they knew my three cats.

Though I was  disheartened by most things in my life that year,  I was still very pro cats! So I took in the  grey patient, she was just a little bigger than a kitten and the kind and grateful girls  said they would visit her daily. They had spotted her bravely slinking into gates, gardens and doors, to find some food and milk….

I cleaned up the small red gash on her left paw, and then rubbed some Calendula paste over it. She was an amazingly good patient – this cat who had been painted by a dark grey rainy day sky, and whose fur was neatly printed with jet black spangles. She had bright green-grey  eyes that shone as she looked up and blinked at me.

She did not run off from her treatment like my other cats would do. She just sat there and looked at the three cats sweetly as they hissed and glared at her and spat  severe wrath over this intruder.

As I tried to comfort them she cheered me up just like the sprinkling of dark red roses did that afternoon when I visited my favourite rose garden and nursery. A mild shower had bathed  the roses. And like always, wet red roses  stepped into  my soul and snuggled up there like  precious friends….


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