Vegetarians are the Planet’s best friends!

Vegetarians are the Planet’s best friends!

Here is some more dismaying news about how much water the planet loses due to non-vegetarians. The daily water consumption of a non-vegetarian diet: 5000 litres of water per day. This also alas amounts to 15 bathtubs filled with water!

Daily water consumption of a vegetarian diet: 2700 litres of water per day, namely 8 bathtubs filled with water!

Tony Allan in his book Virtual Water reminds us to consider the millions of people living in the Western world, and consider all those bathtubs of water! It is a huge figure!

The Indian breakfast consisting of idlis, sambhar, dosas, salty pongal and chutney will only cost around  300 litres of water. In China, breakfasts are richer with meat, noodles, porridge etc. and will average 600 litres of water! Brazilians love meat and will use up the same amount of water!

Most of the water we use comes through our food consumption says the writer. Forget bricks in the toilet to save water: going vegetarian would save many lifetimes of toilet trips! 

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