Saving the world’s water resources is in our hands: 3 simple choices!

we can save water through our shopping baskets!

What we can do to save the planet

These are now the simple and scary facts about water draining our planet and how we are responsible for this mess.

The average daily water footprint of a heavy beef-eating human is 5 cubic metres per day. The average for a vegetarian is 2.5!

Experts urge switching to one meat-free day a week.

We throw away 30 per cent of the food we buy. 

The answer to saving the world and its trickling away water, lies inside each of our shopping baskets! 

It is within our means to give this gift to the world of solving the water insecurity! What we eat and what we don’t waste will enable us to be globally water secure. By switching from meat that is grain-fed will also make us healthier, fight climate change and mean that we won’t be exploiting and torturing and butchering so many helpless animals!

Food wastage should become as unforgivable and unacceptable as drink-driving, beating children or doctors promoting smoking! If we take these powerful steps then we should be able to halve our waste. It could save almost half the water we would need to care for a nine billion strong population.

From: Virtual Water tackling the threat to our planet’s most precious resource by Tony Allan.

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