Laughter is the best medicine even for a Bishop!

laughter is the best medicine Bishop!

Laughter is the best medicine even around a Bishop!

The Catholic Church and its sycophants last year had a nasty surprise for which they created a big racket and fuss! Their problem was with a very witty cartoon done by an artist called K.K. Subhash which won the award for best cartoon with a cash price of Rs. 50,000 from the  Kerala Lalithakala Academy.

The cartoon depicted the rape accused Bishop Franco Mullakal of Jallandar as a rooster with a pair of pink lingerie in the staff carried by him with a group of nuns fleeing from him! In 2017 the Kerala police had said after thorough investigations that they had enough evidence to charge the Bishop for rape, confinement and shaming of a nun over two years. 

In 2017 the Bishop had been charge sheeted but had been let out on bail. The cartoon enraged the Church which urged the Kerala government to take action. But the Kerala Lalithakala Academy is an independent body and cannot be shackled. The cartoon called “Vishwasam  Rakhshathi” meaning Protection of Faith appeared in a magazine last year!

Bishop Franco Mullakal has unnervingly appeared with a large grin on his face each time he has been brought to the court after being charge sheeted for his alleged misdeeds. The five nuns fighting for justice for the victim, have alleged that they have been repeatedly threatened, demoted, demeaned and bullied by Church big wigs, at the behest of the Bishop. The Court and the police had to intervene to keep them safe. 

The Bishop who eerily grins every time he appears for court hearings, may not be very amused by this cheeky award winning cartoon. He should be told that Laughter is the Best Medicine, even for a Bishop!

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