How much water does your cup of coffee cost the Planet? 140 litres!

How much water does your coffee cup guzzle up?

Did you know how much water you guzzle up to make a cup of coffee? It is 142 litres! That is the virtual water hidden inside that coffee!

Tony Allen in his book Virtual Water tells us that 142 litres of water is used in growing, producing, packaging and shipping the beans you use to make your morning coffee!

Your lunchtime favourite hamburger takes 2400 litres and that cheering pair of jeans a startling 11,000 litres! 

Now think about that crisp and crunchy toast you are about to enjoy! Forty litres of water are used to bring that toast to your mouth! Per slice! That is the cost in water of making, transporting and finally toasting! 

An apple is 70 litres! The eggs are 120 litres! That healthy glass of milk is 240 litres! Worst of all is that bacon – costing the earth 480 litres of precious water for one portion! In all this full British breakfast costs about 1100 litres!

And we Indians can’t gloat that we may not be such water guzzlers because the other day I noticed that a new restaurant that has opened in the next street is selling the full British breakfast to us!

This means that we all have to worry about such a blatant misuse of water and Tony Allan’s book gives us a lot of tips!

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