Another quack caught online for selling disturbing ‘magical’ pills for breast problems!

The Advertising Standards Council of India has warned the public against a quack cheating consumers online by advertising its products for. treating various breast related issues! In its website it has said that such advertisements can harm gullible consumers as they violate the rules of the Drugs & Magic Remedies Act by promising false cures for ailments.

 Oshid Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. – Hi Power Capsules    Hi-Power No 1 supplement for height growth 
  Grow taller, increase height with the most potent increase height formula on the market today worldwide with results that are guaranteed for children and adults of 7 years and upwards 

84 Oshid Pharmaceuti cals Pvt Ltd. – Shilajit Power Plus Syrup    Increase in sexual potency: It strengthens the male reproductive systems, increases libido and helps avoid impotency and premature ejaculation  Prevents and cures diabetes 
85 Oshid Pharmaceuti cals Pvt Ltd. – Stamin Capsules & Oil http:      Increases sexual power and erection  Increases vigour & vitality
 Depressed libido
 Sexual weakness  Functional impotence
 Unsatisfactory sexual performance  Unsatisfactory erection 
86 Arryan Laboratory – Vigor Musli Powder roducts.html     A complete solution for the sexual problems which will give you extra power, satisfaction and pleasure and rectify any sexual disease if you have 
  Extreme herbal aphrodisiac formula for men and women 
  Increases sexual desire and increases libido for men as well as women 
  Increases sexual confidence for men 
  Providesfullsexualsatisfactionthroughoutthesexual
act for women 
  Yearlong action with the same intensity 

87 Pious Ayurveda/Adonis Oil oil.html    Penis Enlargement Oil – Powerful Herbal Oil Formulation to tone up and strengthen the penile tissue 
88 Sex Samasya  Increases sex time according to wishes
 Sure shot treatment for people from 18 to 80 years 

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