How Hardly Tortoise Found herself a Home!

My Half Tortoise Shell Cat

I had fallen in love with a tortoise shell cat many years ago but she had belonged to a friend of mine. He had a small cat heaven on the two terraces of his house, where I had met a baby tortoise shell kitten and we became friends.

Ever since then I had decided that the next cat I got would be a tortoise! So when my grey tabby Kittles died, I decided to bring home a tortoise shell kitten for her grieving daughter our orange tabby Tiger.

At the animal shelter my friend and I looked around for a tortoise shell kitten. There was one just a few feet away from us _ a gorgeous lushly painted tortoise sporting all the colours of her tantalizing tribe. She wore a quilt of orange, yellow, white, black, and some multi coloured mosaic blotches, dots and dashes,  that made her glimmer in the mid morning sunshine.

But as we were edging towards her the shelter guide accosted us and said ‘’here is a tortoise just spayed and ready for a home.” We looked down and the small tortoise shell kitten  under us, stood up on her hindlegs, put one small paw on my hand and gazed up at me soulfully! She was around three months old, and her paw was the softest jewel from that day.

However she was  kind of a mild tortoise shell with only orange, black and white  squiggles on her. And though my friend reminded me about the Nicole Kidman like stunner we had seen before, towards whom we had been hurtling, the one under us still had her paw on my hand. She held on firmly and the gold dots gleaming in her eyes advertised themselves desperately as hope! So there was nothing left to do but to bring this somewhat mildly painted  kitten home. 

She slept almost the entire day and night on our laps, and kept giving us that furry paw shake! She was named Chunri for her multi colored fur though I never failed to remind her that she was only a half tortoise! 

Chunri’s meeting with Tiger was not at all good. They hissed and spat and screeched at one another like small ghouls out of the Game of Thrones! Chunri retreated inside my glass book shelves where she began to spend her days comfortably snug against or over books. This became a permanent habit and Chunri has never taken another nap in her life without sitting on a book!

Other cats change their choices for sleeping – handbags, dresses, clothes, sink, television table etc. But Chunri will go for the books! It often happens that as I go to scold her mildly for covering up yet another book with her fur, I will usually find a book near her that I had been meaning to read for a long time, and there it was, thanks to her!

Chunri tried very hard to make friends with Tiger, our orange tabby who missed her mother desperately and did not want this intruder. 

But Chunri never gave up trying and one fine evening when I returned home from work the Hardly Tortoise and Tiger were snugly snoozing together like long lost chums!

Chunri, my Hardly Tortoise, showed the true nature of her tribe – tortoise shell cats are gentle like rose petals, calm as iced tea and wear serenity like a badge around them which always wraps me up with peace!

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