Hashmi Dawakhana lures gullible consumers by selling breast enhancing pills along with other quacks pulled up by the ASCI

I won’t be tempted by any of these quacks!

The Advertising Standards Council of India has pulled up ten quacks selling dubious pills and potions for various sexual problems. They are violating the code of the Drugs & Magic Remedies Act of India.

Consumers should not be lured by these fake products. In its website the ASCI has named these companies:

Sr NoBrandsClaims
1Hashmi Dawakhana/X-Fire Capsule http://www.hashmidawakhana.org/men- energy-capsule.html The ultimate energy capsule for men
 Boost your sex drive with x-fire libido boostercapsules
 It restores potency and enhances libido
2Hashmi Dawakhana/Big BXL Capsule http://www.hashmidawakhana.or g/breast-enlargementcapsule.html  Breast enlargement capsule, to enlarge your breasts naturally with Big-BXL Capsule  Increase size, shape and firmness of female breasts  Uplifts your breasts and gives you renewedconfidence  Tone and refine breast contours
3Hashmi Dawakhana-Cute-B Capsule http://www.hashmidawakhana.org/breast- reduction-capsule.html  BreastReductionCapsule-Getsmaller,firmerbreasts without expensive surgery Get the perfect shape of your breast
4Hashmi Dawakhana-Cute-B Capsule http://www.hashmidawakhana.org/breast- reduction-cream.html BreastReductionCapsule-Getsmaller,firmerbreasts without expensive surgery Get the perfect shape of your breast
5REPL Pharma – Premium Saandhha
Oil – Special Packing for UK https://www.repldradvice.com/ayurvedic/ 137-saandhha-oiilspecial-packing-for- uk.html
 Improve and enhance erection  Increase male vigour
6REPL Pharma – kamasutram Oil https://www.repldradvice.com/ayurvedic/ 114-kamsutram-oil.html  The visual on the product pack read imply that the product is meant for the enhancement of sexual pleasure  Intended as an external massage oil to improve and enhance harder erections
7REPL Pharma – Vigoura 5X http://www.replpharma.com/ Restore the lost vigour and vitality
8REPLPharma – breastriim Oil https://www.repldradvice.com/homoeopa thic/130-breastriimoil.html Strengthening, firming up and toning up of breast muscles, resulting in appropriate increase in one’s breast size
9Charak pharma pvt. ltd. – Addyzoa capsule https://shop.charak.com/products/healthc are/men/addyzoa-capsule/ Improves sexual desire
10Prince pharma- Madrasi gelhttp://princepharmaonline.com/pr incepharma/index.php?page=mad rasi-gel  Thisgivesaharder,firmererectionandwillallowyou to please your sexual partner in a much more fulfilling way  Specialised gel for penis  Spray to increase time of orgasm and size of penis tosome extent

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