How the nation’s beating heart won justice for little Asifa Banu

The death of 8 year old Asifa Banu of Kathua at the hands of six thugs shocked India and the world with its brutality. This small happy child who took care of her horses every day and sang and played like any other child was abducted, brutally gang raped repeatedly, drugged and starved, and finally killed.

Now a year later, finally, justice has been given to this little girl’s grieving family. Three of the thugs, have been given life imprisonment with heavy fines, three cops have been given five year prison sentences and alas one younger thug has been  freed for lack of evidence.

But despite this disappointing fact, the most pitiless of the three ghouls, the temple priest Sanji Ram  who masterminded the crime, to drive the girl’s nomadic tribe away from their lands, the Special police officer Deepak Khajuria (who gruesomely raped the child one last time before they killed her), and Parvesh Kumar a civilian,  have all been sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Two investigative officers, Head Constable Tilak Raj and Sub-inspector Anand Dutta and special police officer Surendra Verma have got a five year sentence for tampering with crucial evidence.

Though it took a little more than over a year, justice has prevailed through a special court in Pathankot  thanks to a nationwide outcry. This ghastly crime and its outcome has finally let shreds of hope seep through the rotting legal system. It has also shown how the beating heart of a vigilant public can help truth to win.

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