Creaking Mercedes horrifies Chandigarh buyer who gets Rs. 2 lakhs as compensation from consumer forum!

better to walk than to buy an expensive car!

Prince Bansal and two other consumers had bought a Mercedes – Benz  CD1-220 from its dealer Joshi Auto Zone Private Ltd. in Chandigarh, paying Rs. 37 lakhs for it.

But to their dismay, when this expensive beauty had done 1424 kilometres,  they heard creaking noises coming from it! They took it to the dealer who inspected it and replaced the shockers. The dealer also had to adjust the sun roof of the car when noise from its cabin was noticed! A cut on the front tire also had to be replaced.

After a run of 4140 kms. More problems surfaced with the Mercedes. After it ran for 7900 kms. the sun roof was again replaced, and the seal frames of the door were fixed!

Finally having had enough of this creaking cranking Mercedes the buyer got it inspected by a firm which opined that there was an inherent defect in the car which the company was not able to find or fix!

He then complained to the State Consumer Forum in Chandigarh which also got three experts to examine the car. They too had the same opinion that the Mercedes was defective. 

Finding the Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd. and its dealer Joshi Auto Zone guilty of deficient service The State Commission ordered them to pay up Rs. 2 lakhs as compensation to Prince Bansal. 

They went in appeal to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi, which also agreed with the verdict of the lower forum and dismissed their complaint, making it necessary for them to pay up Rs. 2 lakhs to the complainant.



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