Wordless Wednesday welcomes long overdue good news for five brave Kerala nuns fighting for justice against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mullakal

Good news often comes when we least expect it to. But has it finally arrived for five strong Kerala nuns who have  fought an incredibly long and harrowing fight for justice from the cops and the courts. They have faced fear harassment and intimidation from the Catholic Church bigwigs as they stood by their colleague and friend, a 43 year old nun who has accused the powerful and influential Bishop Franco Mullakal  of unnatural rape,  intimidation and shaming her for over five years.

The five nuns have been fighting a lone battle to book the Bishop while facing  threats, demotion and other dire punishments from their seniors. They were separated from the nun whom they were helping and finally had to seek the help of the Kerala court. The convent was booked for harassing the nun who deposed against the Bishop.

With help from an enlightened part of the general public, activists and also from certain senior Catholic priests, they finally got the Bishop charge sheeted in 2018. But later he got bail and their lives became unbearable as the Catholic Church big wigs under the thumb of the Bishop threatened them with eviction, badgering, demotion and other punishments.

Now on May 6, 2019  the nuns who have been living under a dark cloud of desperation and fear, got a reprieve when Bishop Franco was finally slapped with a massive charge sheet by the Kerala high court! If convicted he is likely to face life imprisonment or a minimum of ten years of it. He will also be the first Roman Catholic clergy in India to face a rape charge. 

In April 2019 Pope Francis admitted to the world that Priests and Bishops sexually abused nuns and shamed them with pregnancies and diseases.

So this newest development will be the best news from 2019 for 5 die hard nuns who never gave up..

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