Prince Pharma’s silly 2 much Breast Cream lies to consumers again…

 The Advertising Standards Council of India ASCI has banned the advertisement by a firm called Prince Pharma promoting yet another weird product 2 Much Breast Cream. It was guilty of violating the rules of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (DMR) Act which does not allow sellers to make false and untrue claims about their products.

In the ASCI website it says:

Prince Pharma (2 Much Breast Cream): The advertisement’s claims, “Ayurvedic medicated Cream” and “For two‐fold effect use it along with 2 much beauty capsule,” were considered to be, prima facie, in contravention of Drugs and Magic Remedies (DMR) Act.

The advertisement is awful, the English is terrible, and nothing at all makes sense in it. What it is trying to tell is a mystery. No one with any sense should look at this advertisement, let alone waste money on buying the product. 

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