Prince Pharma/2 Much Gold promotes quackery in its advertisement for curing all ailments!It is cheating consumers

The Advertising Standards Council of India ASCI has detected yet another firm, guilty of quackery in its advertisement which cheats consumers with false promises.

Prince Pharma / 2 Much Gold offers to solve all sexual problems with its ayurvedic solutions. 

In its website the ASCI has found it guilty of violating the conditions of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act which forbids sellers from making ridiculous claims.

In its website the ASCI warns:

 Prince Pharma / 2 Much Gold: The advertisement’s claims, “An ultimate ayurvedic solution for all  sexual problems” and “Being specially blended with choicest herbs,  rejuvenators & stimulants, it produces best results in nervous strain, neurasthenia, impaired vitality, chronic mental and physical exhaustion and conditions of weakness due to organic troubles after thoughtless excess indulgence in sexual activity, general lassitude, worriedness, mental somatic debility, nervous dyspepsia, insomnia, loss of energy, premature old age & pre‐mature ejaculation” were considered to be, prima facie, in contravention of Drugs And Magic Remedies (DMR) Act.

This firm in Luthiana is promoting its very ridiculous products in all cities in Inda and online.Consumers should beware of it. The promotion is done in badly written, incorrect English and is a disaster from all angles! Ignore this quack.

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