Luna Pharma/Stonecure is quackery online selling for Rs. 1500 and could endanger lives of patients with kidney stones says ASCI

A dangerous and recklessly profit oriented product is being sold by a quack online called Luna Pharma/Stonecure. It costs Rs. 1500 and its advertisement has been banned by the Advertising Standards Council of India. It has warned consumers not to be lured by its promises.

In its website the ASCI says:

Luna Pharma / Stonecure: The advertisement’s claims, “Kidney Stone? Cure without operation, get instant relief with medicine”, “Recognised formula”, and “100% benefit” considered to be, prima facie, in violation of The Drugs & Magic Remedies (DMR) Act.

Kidney stones should not be treated by quacks as they can lead to very treacherous health problems. Kidney stones have to be treated by genuine doctors and in proper hospitals. 

The ASCI has found that it has flouted the rules of the Drugs & Magic Remedies Act which does not allow sellers of such unreliable and very dangerous products to advertise them anywhere in India.

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