How to cure a sore headache if you have been stupid enough to watch Salman Khan’s Bharat! Yuck!

How to treat a very bad headache after watching Salman Khan’s Bharat!

We have never had a headache in our lives, as we have never watched a Salman Khan movie!

But if you have been foolish enough to waste mounds of money to watch yet another dreadful, moronic, idiotic movie featuring this megalomaniac (we learnt this new word thanks to Salman Khan) here are some tips for healing your weeping aching head!

Drink 12 glasses of water and lots of buttermilk, take a very long walk – two to three miles should do.

Visit the nearest rose garden. Even a single rose will cool you down.

Pamper your cat and pet her endlessly till your headache runs away to stick to Salman Khan’s massive head!

Finally, forgive yourself for having watched Bharat, by tuning in to HBO to watch the tantalizing, thrilling, television series Big Little Lies which has been wowing the world with its magic!

Here Nicole Kidman, Reeze Witherspoon and the rest of the stunning cast of this superior chiller will take your headache away totally and completely!

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