Dr. Bindiya Patel’s weight loss clinic cons consumers

Before you visit Dr. Bindiya Patel’s Dr. Detox Weight Loss Clinic to slim down, read the review of this clinic by the Advertising Standards Council of India which says in its website:

  • Dr. Detox Weight Loss Clinic: The advertisement’s claims, “Advanced Weight loss (Upto six to eight kilograms /month)”, and “A Destination of natural & easy way for lose weight & body detox”, were not substantiated with supporting clinical evidence, and with treatment efficacy data, and are misleading by exaggeration. From the ASCI website.
  • Even the writing is not correct in its advertisements!
  • The best way to lose weight is to walk a lot, exercise, keep away from fried snacks, ice cream, sugary treats etc. 
  • Dr. Detox Weight Loss Clinic does not even know proper English! How will it help us to lose weight magically? Don’t believe this quackery.

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