Dr. Batra’s quackery claims to cure white spots and vitiligo says the Advertising Standards Council of India

I would rather have a nap than meet the ridiculous Dr. Batra

The weird and worrisome Dr. Batra is all over again teaching us all about the Drugs & Magic Remedies Act of India which forbids any seller from making ‘magical’ claims for their products.

But Mr. Batra is promising in his newest advertisement a 100 per cent cure for healing white spots, vitiligo, psoriasis etc. and the advertisement has been banned by the Advertising Standards Council of India. Read about this reckless quack in the website of the ASCI, given here below.

  • Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic – Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic: The advertisement’s claim, “Proven and preferred” was not substantiated. The claim, “100% Cure”, in the context of conditions shown in the advertisement of baldness, white spots, psoriasis was not proven with any clinical evidence.  The claims are misleading by exaggeration and specific to the visual and claim implying cure for vitiligo /white spots, the advertisement is in breach of the law as it violated The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act. The claims are likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers. From the ASCI website.

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