Cosmos Online Pvt. Ltd. promotes Gismobaba laser power hair comb and lies to consumers

I won’t trust this comb to clean my hair!

  • If you are planning to buy the laser comb selling online from Cosmos Online Pvt. Ltd. check out the website of the Advertising Standards Council of India which has not been impressed by its advertisement which promises to promote new hair growth.
  • Promising new hair growth is a myth. Don’t believe it. Cosmos Online was not able to give evidence of the clinical studies it claims to have done to prove its point. It is all just a gimmick.
  • from the ASCI website:
  • Cosmos Online Pvt Ltd (Gizmobaba Laser power grow comb): The claims made in the advertisement, “The Gizmobaba laser comb provides low‐level laser light energy that stimulates and enlivens hair follicles promoting new hair growth”, “With consistent use, most users start seeing benefits in 16 weeks (Based on clinical studies)” and “Stops hair loss and makes hair grow thicker stronger and healthier” were not substantiated. The claims are misleading and likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers.

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