Cat-gardening is the ability to pretend that you have just watered the ferns…and don’t watch True Detective 3, worse even than True Detective 2!

The best way to find a job as a cat gardener is to somehow butter up water, which we cats are not very fond of! But pretending to water the roses etc. is a great plus point for getting that job! And wandering around the roses, dahlias, ferns, ivies and water lettuce, we keep away from boring television series on HBO that sometimes give you a very bad evening sagging with regret!

True Detective, the first one, was the only watchable series and perhaps that too may have been due to the actors involved. But the remaining two were as bad or worse than Indian soap operas of the ghastly kind!

The best way to save yourself from rubbish that sometimes HBO dumps on us, is to remember to read the reviews!

And to learn how to pretend to water the roses, send me a large packet of catnip and I might put you in my list of the selected students! A toy rat too might be a good payment!

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