Westside ordered to pay up Rs. 3000 to consumer for wrongly charging her Rs. 10 for paper carry bag by two Chandigarh consumer forums!

paper carry bags should be free of cost!

Westside  has been ordered by two Chandigarh consumer forums to pay up Rs. 3000 to a consumer for wrongly charging her Rs. 10 for  a paper carrying bag

Sapna Vasudev of Panchkula, had gone to shop at Westside a well known shop in Chandigarh where she was asked to pay Rs. 10 for her paper carry bag.

She complained to the District consumer forum in Chandigarh which found Westside guilty of deficient service and ordered the shop to refund Rs. 10 to her, and to pay her Rs. 1500 for causing harassment and agony, also to pay her Rs. 1500 as court costs.

It also ordered Westside to provide free carry bags to all customers who purchased articles from the shop.

Finally it ordered the shop to deposit Rs. 10,000 in the Consumer Legal Aid Account of the Chandigarh State Commission.

Westside went in appeal to the Chandigarh State Consumer Commission claiming that there was a Government law allowing them to charge customers for carry bags. But the Commission said that this rule had been changed in 2018 and hence charging customers for paper carry bags is now illegal! It dismissed the appeal!

This law means that all of us shoppers should not pay for our shopping bags wherever we shop, as it is against the law. The carry bags have to be given to us free of cost.

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