McDonald’s burger lures insects so consumer vomits: consumer court awards Rs. 50,000 as compensation

McDonald’s burger lures insects & makes Delhi consumer vomit: consumer court orders them to pay up Rs. 50,000 as compensation

Sandeep Saxena had visited McDonald’s India, Connaught Plaza Restaurants G.I.P. Mall Noida where he ordered Coke and McAloo tikkis and a burger. But as soon as he bit into his burger he was horrified to discover that some insects had already made their home in the food! He vomited and was so upset and frightened that he complained to the Manager who did not help him, then complained to the food inspector Shri Shiv Nath Singh who arrived at the restaurant and inspected the dish. He sealed the unsafe burger. A video was also made of this event.

Now Saxena began to vomit continuously and had to be taken to a hospital where he was treated for depression and severe indigestion. 

He finally complained to the Delhi consumer forum which found McDonald’s India guilty of deficient service and ordered them to pay up Rs. 

895 to Saxena for hospital expenses, Rs. 50,000 for mental pain and suffering and Rs. 20,000 as court costs! If the entire amount of Rs. 70,000 was not paid up within sixty days of receiving its order McDonald’s would have to pay up interest

at 9 per cent per annum!

McDonald’s went in appeal to the State consumer forum which also found it guilty and dismissed the appeal!



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