Positive Homeopathy Mysore worsens health of elderly man and ordered to refund his money by consumer forum

I won’t be wasting my money on Positive Homeopathy!

Positive Homeopathy causes harm to senior citizen in Mysore: ordered to refund Rs. 2000 to him

73 year old A.T. Ramachari from Kodagu district was suffering from fatty liver chronic cirrhosis and other problems. Then he saw an advertisement on television of Positive Homeopathy in Mysore which offered a cure for various ailments.

He visited the clinic and after a consultation by the doctor he paid up Rs. 2000 to them and was given pebble like medicines to be taken for a week.

But when he began to take the medicines he felt very uncomfortable and suffered from severe diarrhoea throughout the night. He was worried about his health and complained to the Positive Homeopathy clinic and asked for his money back.

They ignored his complaints and even did not respond to the demand notice served to them.

Ramachari complained to the district consumer disputes redressal forum in Mysore which found Positive Homeopathy guilty of deficient service and ordered them to repay Rs. 2000 to the complainant with another Rs. 1000 as costs. They were ordered to comply with the court order within a month failing which they would be charged Rs. 100 per day, till they did so.



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