Welcome to the tiniest Giant who kicked the Bottled Water Thugs out!

we are visiting the world’s first bottled water free town! Join us!

The real magic is about a small town that kicked out the BOTTLED WATER Thugs! Bundy on Tap

The true stories about bottled mineral water and how the world is still crazily allowing it to throttle our planet is heartrending. 

Bottled drinking water is atrocious for the environment. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has told us that bottled water sells for up to 1000 times the price of tap water, and the quality is often no better. In fact studies done by the Centre for Science and Environment in India have revealed that the top brands of bottled water companies are selling contaminated water to consumers and worse, the water is taken from municipal sources for making their products! 

Now studies done in other countries too are revealing nasty true stories about bottled drinking water and its lies, its high costs for making, and how it is the most unnecessary consumer item in the world. In the United States and Europe there are more standards regulating tap water quality than that of bottled water. And in countries where tap water is unsafe, the World Wide Fund study concludes that it is cheaper and just as safe to boil or filter water, as it is to buy it in bottles! The newest studies by CSE India warn that it is in fact safer to boil water than to buy contaminated bottled water!

Which is why it is wonderful to know that in 2009 a town in rural Australia decided to change its very bad habit of drinking expensive bottled water! The 2500 residents of this small town called Bundanoon, New South Wales, decided to ban bottled drinking water when a Sydney-based company applied to pump water out of the town for processing, to sell it back to the residents!

The furious residents suddenly turned environmentalist! They asked themselves “Does Bundanoon have the bottle to go bottled water free?” 

Bundanoon is the world’s first town that has got its retailers to ban bottled water! They realized they were being conned by the bottled water industry! The town’s stores proudly stock refillable bottles with the logo Bundy on Tap! Drinking fountains too have been installed around the town!

Now when will other towns, cities, countries learn from this tiny, smart and savvy little giant? It proudly bears the name: Welcome to Bundanoon – Australia’s First Bottled Water Free Town!


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