Iced water can burn up calories for you!

Did you know: iced water can help you lose weight?

Cats and reading might seem like a joke! But in Hyderabad’s blistering heat what else can we do? So we were looking through Reader’s Digest’s book called Forbidden Advice where we found this tip for losing weight!

Drink iced water, the Digest says. First of all iced water has zero calories! And when you drink it chilled you burn calories while warming it up and taking it in!

A very pleasing study done by German scientists showed what happened when a group of people were tested before and after drinking a large glass of iced water!

Within 40 minutes of finishing their drink they found that the metabolic rates of the water drinkers had risen by 30 per cent. This increase would burn off around 35,000 calories a year amounting to around 4.5 kg of fat!

So when you drink iced water just enjoy it!

The next thing to do for slimming is to walk up and down stairs! By climbing up stairs for four minutes daily your body can lose 1.8 kg or 4 lb of weight in a year!

A person weighing around 73 kg. will burn about 50 calories climbing upstairs for 4 minutes (and down  for one minute).

If you can make yourself do this simple trick  five days a week, for a year, you will burn about 12,700 calories fat amounting to nearly 4lb or 1.8 kg fat!

Another very smart thing to do is to ignore the bread basket! In a very fattening restaurant, when you wait for your delicious dinner to arrive, beg the waiter to remove the bread basket so you won’t keep munching on it with butter or jam!

Then ofcourse there is that long walk daily which is still the best and happiest way to lose weight! Choose your favourite park or garden, take your Sony or your Nikon, and meet up with the birds and the roses, to drop your calories!

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