Have you tried chopsticks to lose weight?!!!

Eat up your roast potatoes with chopsticks and slim!

Hyderabad is a hot city and right now the sun is shining down upon its dwellers like a boiling raging mountainous pot of oil, threatening to fry up everything and everybody!

So it seems to be a nice time to stay home in a cool room, and read a book or watch Netflix!

We began to read The Reader’s Digest and other books and discovered some really fun ways to lose weight! Here are some tips and if you like them, you can send us readers a box full of catnip!

  1. Use chopsticks for your dinner, lunch or breakfast dishes! Did you ever think of this really happy tip? You may find them difficult to use but you will find that this is the trick for eating less! Some experts had done this study of a group who dined often in Chinese restaurants. They discovered that chubby persons were less likely to choose chopsticks!
  2. Be smart and serve tiny helpings! Cornell University scientists in America had this ice cream party to test whether huge bowls and extra large ice cream scoops resulted in gobbling more!
  3. The result was surprising – doubling the size of the serving bowls increased the amount eaten by participants by 31 per cent! So just keep bowls of soups, rice, curries, desserts etc. small: be stingy to be slim!
  4. Divide and serve says the Reader’s Digest in its book Forbidden Advice which was picked up at a second hand book stall on the roadside in Abids, in Hyderabad. On Sunday you can find gems waiting for readers stacked on wooden shelves, ledges, or even on the pavements!
  1. If you have made tasty, fattening, irresistible treats such as roast potatoes or fried chips etc. don’t put them in one large platter. Split them between two bowls and your guests will tend to each less of them! A test done with students discovered that those who helped themselves from the large platter ate 56 per cent more than those choosing from the two smaller bowls!

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