Another odd ball joins the Netflix Deserters Gang a but they miss the best thriller on: Delhi Crime!

The Ban Netflix Gang lures in another odd customer….and misses the best television series on now called Delhi Crime….

While the weird gang of Netflix decliners spread out their functions all around the quiet zone, the Netflix nerds got to watch Delhi Crime, an engrossing, heart-stopping, searing drama that can only be binge watched.

The first of a line of true crime stories, this one deals with the 2012 Nirbhaya  case in Delhi that  shattered India to bits and pieces and also showed how much people cared, and spoke up, and fought for justice for a 23 year old girl who was gang raped by six thugs in a bus.

But what this very intelligent television series does, is to take us to the other side – the grimy, understaffed, overworked, reviled, loathed and hated cops! We are shown how the cops went about their work, to catch the rodents.  This series has been done with so much care, concern, intelligence, and stunning acting, that you cannot stop watching. You learn many new surprising details about that case which horrified the nation. 

The writing, the script, the superior acting makes this television series stand out like Sacred Games and also alas reminds us how dreadful, cheap, shoddy and low cost was Mirzapur in Amazon Prime! 

Shefali Shah as the main  investigating officer is awesome along with the cream of actors such as Rasika Dugal , Rajesh Tailang and many more. But the real gems are all those actors hidden underneath Bollywood’s thick sludge of over rated, pompous bores – who bore us to death year after year in silly, soppy, stupid movies!

Delhi Crime makes up for this by treating us to some of the best small actors we have hardly ever seen,  digs into the lives of those cops who work behind the scenes solving crimes, facing danger, low pay scales and often dreary lives… 

It is the richest, creamiest television treat on right now and no Netflix nerd can even think of missing this one!

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