I am the brand new Discarding Netflix Girl!

I am the brand new No Netflix Girl today!

I ditch Netflix to sit out in the sun and collect my daily dose of Vitamin D3! I also like to hide under our neighbour’s car as I think it annoys him!

Somehow I invite my best dreams when I am snoozing under someone’s car!

The water savers of our gang are begging the world to think of the horrendous water crisis that has hit South Africa instead of being the thugs who enjoy foie gras!

It is still not impossible to start saving water, each of us, even on our own, by harvesting the rain on our roof tops, in the gardens etc.

We read about how ugly food can help feed the hungering planet. About a third of the planet’s food goes to waste – some because it does not look cute! That is sad. 

In California’s Salinas Valley growers annually trash thousands of tons of fresh greens that do not have enough shelf life for a cross-country journey. 

At a Paris feast chefs simmer cosmetically challenged vegetables – gleaned or donated – into a curry for 6,100 anti-waste enthusiasts. That’s enough to feed two billion people!

Activist Tristram Stuart examines bananas too short, long or curved for the European market. Locals consume some rejected bananas, but growers in the region annually dump millions of tons of edible fruit! 

Nearly 800 million people worldwide ache with hunger pangs. But the world squanders enough food globally, 2.9 trillion pounds a year – enough to feed every one of the hungry, more than twice over! So we all have to save food, and remember that even food that looks a little bent or short or curved, is still very edible! (National Geographic Magazine).

Respecting, saving, owning and using trashed food has become a matter of worldwide urgency and persistence!

And as for water wastage, we happen to be the world’s best water savers when we wash! Be like us and stop watching Netflix!

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