What the die hard Netflix opposition did today….

What the Out of Netflix Zone Gang did today….

The hot Hyderabad sun beat down upon everyone mercilessly, sparing no one. And while the usual Netflix zombies tucked into their fare – many of them raving about the new hot movie with Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac in it  about a disgruntled team of U.S. vets who plan to severely decrease the riches of a nasty South American cartel to brighten their lives!

Triple Frontier is a solidly packed thriller with many twists and turns which is sure to keep many Narcos fans happy.

We in our virtuous No Netflix zone with the help of red roses painted the hot day with serenity. A new member joined us with several barks of approval and we set out more helpful hints from  The Queen of Clean Linda Cobb for Netflix bores to do something more useful with their lives!

Did you know you can cut roses and trim bushes with barbecue tongs or any other tongs, or clothespins, to save your fingers being pierced by thorny stems!

Cobb says to add one tablespoon each of baking soda and vegetable oil to one gallon of water. Then add one drop of liquid detergent and shake nicely. Spray this on the leaves of your roses every five to seven days during humid weather to be rid of black spots!

Any pests bothering your plants can be chased away by mixing one tablespoon of hot mustard or red pepper with one quart of water!

Even powdered milk can help your roses bothered with aphids. Mix one third cup of powdered milk with one quart of warm water and spray your rose plants. Wash your roses now and then and repeat this medicine every week or so.

Plants could thank you for starch! Save water each time you boil noodles or potatoes etc. The cooled water will do good to your plants!

Just remember there is more to this world than Netflix! We for example!


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