Another Never Netflix rebel joins the Group!


Anything But Netflix, says the Ban Netflix Gang  accepting another rebel!

DSCN4486 (1)


What the Never Netflix family does while the world wastes its time!


  1. I avoid shopping by sitting on my handbag so the money stays inside, safe and snug!
  2. We sit by the lake and gossip about water wastage!
  3. We seriously consider the idea of beginning to read a book a day!
  4. Being red roses, we just do our usual boring stuff – painting the day withmessages from peace!


  1. Our daily tip for good health: drink tomato juice instead of orange juice for breakfast. A low-salt tomato juice is more filling, will not raise your blood sugar, and gives you more nutrients and fibre, says the Reader’s Digest!
  2. Eat an apple a day to keep fractures away! Increase your daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to strengthen your bone-mineral content. You will develop stronger teeth and bones!DSC_0061



I am not able to put a like note under any of the blogs I am now following. I just get the blog without those markings below to say 'like' what is happening? Please help

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