A new dissident joins the Ban Netflix Gang!

A new Netflix dissident joins the Ban Netflix Gang!

The Ban Netflix Gang is increasing day by day and no-one is able to stop them from turning their backs to this streaming giant.

But faithful Netflix fans should watch The Invisible Guest, a very engrossing Spanish thriller, now brought to Indian movie goers with a few changes here and there. It is called Badla.

But The Invisible Guest is one of the most engrossing chillers Netflix has to offer and no one who loves jaw dropping mysteries can afford to miss this one. It keeps you guessing right up to the very end. 

Then there is Joint Security Area from Korea. This movie made in 2000 is another non stop roller coaster that will keep you hooked. It is the story of two dead North Korean soliders discovered in the most fortified area in the world! How did they get there? Besides being a political thriller, it is also rich in searing human emotions and drama.

But the ban Netflix gang did their own stuff: one cat-gardener spent her time writing in her diary and looked up at the ceiling for inspiration.

Roses in the Hyderabad rose garden did what roses do best: making people gawk at them. Many of them were scented and pampered noses around them.

Then a new dissident arrived and settled down to waste time, not watching Netflix.

The diary writer perhaps wrote this down about sugar: today’s 12-ounce soda typically contains around ten teaspoons of sugar!

So perhaps it is better to enjoy Netflix than a can of soda! 

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