Roses sometimes win over CATS!

Why Roses sometimes win easily over CATS!

Inviting cats into our homes, or really, just giving in to their visits, out of the blue, anytime they wish, and then watching them decide which room they will choose, how they will change our lives, etc. is good for us in the long run. 

Choosing a stray cat, especially one or two from a shelter, and here too, pouncing on a black as coal beauty, is the smartest thing we could do. This always results in getting free Zen lessons from the world’s most commanding mystical mansion of this  tribe of experts. What cats can teach us about serenity and quiet, no one else can…

But there are times when I can find enough to grumble about regarding these Zen teachers. One of the most irksome things that has happened ever since I got a cat, was that I began to wash twice or even thrice a day.

While in my good old days without cats I happily bunked a bath once in a while, when imprisoned by a good  thriller, (like Searching which electrified me recently) or too much photography or a long walk, and pounced on dinner hungrily, now I cannot do this. 

The grey tabby and all the rest who have invaded my life, washed and washed and washed again, so that now, I would rather die than not wash! So I bathe once, twice, even thrice a day and worry about water wastage, but more about the look on my grey tabby’s face, if I have missed that bath!

Another irksome thing about cats is that nasty look they get when I am prevaricating about something, not making up my mind, or just whining too much over an issue. My Zen experts blink and nestle down to nap, showing me how easy it is to let go of gruesome problems, instead of being stuck on them like glue!

Cats will never forget to show me that if we are playing weird, then I am the loser. They just cannot lose in that field! We all know that. But it is maddening and often brings on a heart attack. Which is why sometimes, I think that roses are the better choice!

roses win over cats

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