Cat-gardening Chronicles: growing garlic & Winchester on Netflix!

caring for the ivies while others watch Netflix!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: slogging in the garden while others watch Winchester on Netflix!

Thanks to Netflix some one watched Winchester on Netflix yesterday while we cared for the begonias and water lettuce that needed extra watering during this summer season.

Apparently Winchester, a ghost story turned out to be fun to watch rather than chilling like The Haunting of Hill House! That was a superior chiller. But since Helen Mirren is in this one you can give it a try but don’t except to be scared!

We prefer to read or even pretend to read instead  of wasting our precious four to five hours of awake time with Netflix sizzlers. Instead we picked out some small, handy health tips for you to use from the Reader’s Digest book Foods that harm Foods that Heal. 

Did you know that you should introduce coffee to your asthma? Do this simple thing says the Digest: drink one or two cups of coffee to abort a mild asthma attack!

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep asthma away! Could you try for 5 to ten servings per day?!

If you have more figs, cooking greens, broccoli and dairy products, you will increase your calcium levels!

If you must watch Netflix or You Tube, make sure you get more garlic which will help lower blood pressure! Go for fresh garlic which is much better than garlic supplements which are not often properly tested for their values!

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