VLCC ordered to pay up consumer by Telengana consumer court judge

One happy day in Hyderabad

It is not difficult to fill up today with happiness in Hyderabad.

To begin with just take your long, sunny walk through the rose garden and soak in that bush of glowing pale orange roses that always puts out three or four new buds for you so you never leave without a gift from it!

Then there is this good news from the consumer court in Telengana! VLCC, that amazing firm which always cons consumers with weird slimming solutions and never delivers on their promises has been found guilty by a consumer court judge!

  1. Sunil Reddy from Nagole had complained against VLCC India and VLCC Health Care Ltd. in Warangal Telengana to the consumer forum in Ranga Reddy which found this dubious firm guilty of deficient service. It made sure that Sunil Reddy got back his money with compensation from VLCC!


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