Hyderabad’s yellow roses solve the ‘zero cholesterol’ mystery!


The mystery of the Zero cholesterol remedy solved near the prettiest roses in Hyderabad’s Public Garden!

Ever since I have begun to visit the massive and exquisite rose garden of Hyderabad almost twice a week or even thrice a week, I have been beseeched by three old men selling something called “zero cholesterol!”


The first man selling this mysterious dish was too fragile and too quick, so I could not make myself ask him about his product.


DSC_0407The other day when I was being lured by a family of bright, glittering, glistening yellow roses, in too many designs, I found another man selling the same goods. This seller was younger, bolder and determined to make a sale. He coaxed me to buy two of these items for just ten rupees each! Dying to discover what they could be I bought them and was pleased!


The two packets contained sprouts – one was green grams and the other was peanuts! They tasted good. But since the green grams were over sprouted I had to admit that the sales were not very productive! Most women who were visiting the roses, would be sprouting their own grams etc. The seller told me that he and his friends were doing this mini business after retirement!

Sprouts always taste good and are healthy as well so the zero cholesterol was a fit name for the treat! And crunching them up alongside the most cheering golden yellow roses, with an adorable dog looking soulfully up at me, was one of the most heavenly combinations of peace and pleasure! Though how much this benefitted such a small business is hard to say! He however seemed happy enough so I fell upon the roses to paint my day with serenity.


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